Coca-Cola Is Going Green

There is good news on the horizon for Coca-Cola addicts……article-0-1EA25FDC00000578-596_308x425

Coca-Cola are set to launch a naturally sweetened drink with a third less sugar and calories than its regular Cola drink as part of government and industry-wide efforts to tackle obesity. It will be called Coca-Cola Life and will be on sale in September.  The new Cola is sweetened with a blend of sugar & Stevia Leaf extract and a 330ml can will contain 89 calories, while a regular 330ml can of Cola contains 138 calories.  Regular Cola also has 35 grams of sugar or 39% GDA.  Coca-Cola Life will contain 22.1 grams of sugar or 25% GDA. I know that is still very high, but for people who just can’t go without it, it’s a step in the right direction!!….


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