Quirky Fashion & Beauty Tips


      • Suffering in those heels by the end of the day/night? Try taping your third and fourth toes together (counting from the big toe). This will take the pressure off the nerve ending and the balls of your feet won’t ache!
      • Spray your tights with sticky hair spray to prevent them from tearing or laddering.
      • Hairspray can also be used to remove lipstick stains.
      • Having a streaky tan malfunction? Use lemon juice to even it out.
      • You can use a rubber to erase scuffs from suede.
      • If you get an oil mark on leather, sprinkle baby powder on the stain and overnight it will dry out the mark.
      • Never put swimwear in the washing machine or the dryer! It destroys the elasticity.. instead handwash and leave air-dry.
      • Let garments rest for 5 minutes to cool after ironing. If you put them on straight away they will crease all over again!
      • Silk pillow cases prevent wrinkles and are more hygienic for your skin. Also, they cause less hair breakage and even help to de-frizz hair!
      • If a button is starting to come off your shirt and you’re running late, dab the thread fastening the button with clear nail polish for a temporary fix!
      • Also you can use clear nail polish on the back of costume jewelery to prevent it from irritating your skin and turning it that awful shade of green.
      • Press a hem in a hurry using a straightener! You won’t need to drag out the ironing board!
      • If you spill red wine on your clothes, pour white wine over the stain and let it air-dry. Supposedly the white wine neutralises the stain making it easier to wash out!
      • Having trouble getting a zipper up? Rub the zipper ‘teeth’ with a bar of soap!
      • How to make your nail polish last longer? Even if you’re applying a polish to bare nails, give them a quick wipe with nail varnish remover first to clean the nails of any natural oils.



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