Liebster Award Nomination!



Liebster Award

My first nomination for the Liebster Award!!
I have only been blogging for 5 months so this nomination is such an amazing surprise!

Thank you to Rose for the nomination! Check out her blog here! โค


Now for the questions!

1. What made/got you to start blogging?

I really admired other bloggers and I have a huge love for fashion. I always thought it would be really difficult to establish a blog until Teni Panosian (of uploaded a youtube video where she gave her advice and tips on blogging. That really inspired me! โค

2. What do you think makes your blog different from others?

I like to keep my blog personal so obviously that makes it unique. I also give my own opinions on everything!

3. Whatโ€™s your go-to outfit?

My go-to outfit would have to be jeans, flats and a cute jacket! I like to jazz up my basic everyday looks with different accessories for example, scarves, layering jewellery, hats and of course my handbag! ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Your favourite outfit/post since you started your blog?

I loved my Sports Luxe Look of the Day! ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Who are your favourite/inspirational bloggers?

Negin Mirsalehi, Julie Sarinana, Teni Pansian and most definitely Olivia Palermo!

6. What is something that you can never live without?

As far as material things go, my Oxy cleanser and moisturiser! With all the skin care products I have tried these are the winners! I’ll never go back!

7. If I was to look in your closet, what would I see most of?

Hmmm I’d have to say t-shirts… I have way too many that I never even wear but can’t seem to throw out or give away!

8. What do you always pack with you when you go on vacation?

My clarisonic! That thing is a miracle product! It has improved my skin so much. If anyone is unsure about making the splurge or not I would definitely recommend you do!

9. Whatโ€™s the one piece that girls/boys should always pack with them?

I’m the kind of person that likes to pack light and bring just the basics and wardrobe staples! However I recommend bringing lots of accessories to change up a look from day to day, or day to night ๐Ÿ™‚

10. Ideal vacation place.

Last year I went to Los Angeles for the first time, it was so amazing! Of all the holidays I’ve been on that stands out as being one of the best, it was so memorable. I loved strolling down Rodeo Drive & eating my favourite food at Mr. Chows!ย  โค

My 11 random facts.
1. I am such a laid back person… You would often hear me say ” It’ll be grand!” I’m not much of a worrier!
2. I drive a Citreon c3, named Blair (After Blair Waldorf)
3. I have two German Shepherds, Chuck (After Chuck Bass) and Dougie.. and I’m just a tad obsessed with them!
4. …You could probably tell but… I love Gossip Girl โค
5. Chinese food is my favourite!
6. I’m Irish
7. I love burning candles
8. I prefer Autumn/Winter fashion to Spring/Summer
9. I love Percy Pigs but they make me hiccup
10. Iโ€™m 5โ€™6″
11. I’m a bit of an organisation freak, everything has a place and it must stay in its place!

& my nominations are..

1. Brooklyns Vogue
2. The Yellow Coat
3. What Olivia Wore
4. High Fashion Between Classes
5. Zips N Leather

Questions for my nominees!

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

2. How would you describe your style?

3. What’s the one piece of clothing you couldn’t live without?

4. What beauty item could you not live without?

5.Where is your favourite fashion week?

6. Who is your style icon?

7. Where is your favourite place to shop?

8. Do you prefer flats or heels?

9. What are the must-haves in your handbag?

10. What is the biggest challenge you find with blogging?


Check out the rules here!



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