Business Casual Wednesdays

Hi Everyone! ❤

Yesterday I had my orientation day in UCC! It was such a great day and it definitely eased my nerves of starting all over again in a new environment. My course group found out we have to wear business casual on Wednesdays, I love this idea! Who doesn’t like to have the excuse to make more effort and look their best? 🙂 A lot of people were slightly confused by this idea though so I thought I’d put together this blog post of ideas!
So business casual, rule of thumb I  would say is if you want to wear a casual end pair it with a dressier top and vice versa! Button downs, blouses and shirts are perfect and can be paired with knit jumpers, vests, cardigans & blazers. As Autumn/Winter rolls around, we’ll all have to bring out the coats and jackets! Preppy quilted jackets, trench coats & pea coats all are great styles to compliment the business casual look.
Business Casual
As for the bottoms, I recommend jeans with just one tone of colour all over. Distressed or faded jeans look just that bit too casual I think. Cigarette trousers of course are a perfect choice, I’d wear them with a cable knit or a button down shirt to keep the look casual. I’m not really a skirt girl but if you are, make sure the skirt is finger tip length at least and I’d recommend wearing tights, city shorts also look cute with tights underneath.. especially in the colder months 🙂

As for shoes, bags & accessories, I have some ideas here! Nude brown boots and black leather chelsea boots are must haves! Preppy shoes like oxford flats and loafers scream business casual to me, they are a perfect choice! Don’t even go near pretty little heels if you’re going to be walking around college, your feet will hate you!

I’ve also put together a variety of bags, pearl jewellery and cute accessories that I think would complete any business casual look 🙂


Click on any one of the icons below that you like to see the price of the item and what brand it is 🙂 ❤


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