Tips for Clashing Prints

Hi Everyone! ❀

Selena Gomez boldly clashed prints like a pro during Paris Fashion Week! (Check out the photo below). Although her shirt and skirt looked completely different at first, they worked beautifully together. This is because of the subtle flowy pattern which runs from the skirt up to the asymmetric top. It’s like a little trick of the eye.. clever huh? πŸ˜‰

Here are some tips for you to try when clashing prints/colours ❀

  1. Wearing the same colour palette. For example wearing two different monochrome prints will look fab together!
  2. And of course vice versa…. the same print in two different colours looks really cute ❀
  3. Pair small prints with large prints, this will balance out the look.
  4. Β The most simple way to rock the trend is by wearing the same print in just different ways, for example vertical and horizontal stripes.
  5. When clashing colours, make sure to look to the colour wheel! Complimentary colours will really work ❀
  6. With all this being said, there shouldn’t be rules in fashion, wear what you like! Be bold and daring πŸ˜‰
Clashing Prints-Selena Gomez

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