Halloween Costume – Gory School Girl


Hey Everyone! ❤

Last night I went out on an early Halloween outing! I went as the classic school girl but with a gory, gruesome twist!

My outfit was so easy to put together with pieces I already had in my wardrobe. My check skirt and shirt  are from Zara and my shoes and socks are from River Island.

To create the open wounds all you need is:

  1. Liquid latex
  2. Tissues
  3. Fake blood
  4. Red and black face paint
  5. Purple and brown eyeshadow
  6. A pencil

All of these materials are available at any costume/halloween shop, I got mine in Hallmark!

First you put the liquid latex on your face in the desired places. Then split a tissue in half and use small pieces over the latex to create the ‘skin’ of the wound.

Next, take a tweezers and begin to rip the tissue so it looks as though your ‘skin’ has an open wound.

To create dimension twist strips of tissue into tiny strands and apply this around the wound with the liquid latex.

Now you want to use a combination of black and red facepaint with purple and brown eyeshadows to colour in the wound, focus the darker colours inside the wound and blend out the eyeshadows around it to make the face appear bruised. Add fake blood and you’re good to go! If you want to make the blood more dried in and like a scab, just mix it with vaseline.

For the neck wound you’ll need a pencil and sticky fake blood. Chop the pencil to a short length and stick it into the sticky blood. Apply this to where ever you want with liquid latex and follow it up with the same steps outlined above to make it look more realistic and blend it in with your skin seamlessly! The pencil is such a good addition to the costume in my opinion!













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