Styling a Rolex

Hey Everyone! ❤

So we all know how much I love watches, I can’t leave my house without one – not only because of the functionality but also because of the statement a gorgeous watch can make. Today I’m sharing this look I put together in collaboration with Invaluable. is the world’s premiere online marketplace. They feature all sorts of jewellery, watches, antiques, collectibles and even entire estate sales.

I chose to style this amazing Rolex from the women’s watches page! ❤

Styling a Rolex can be difficult because it’s all about how you present it. A Rolex can be an understated and timeless accessory, if you don’t go showing it off obnoxiously! Some of the pieces I chose are quite high-end, but they come to together to create an effortlessly chic and fabulous look. Just like the Rolex, it is understated and timeless.

If you like any of the pieces just click on the icons below for details! 🙂

Styling a Rolex


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