Look of the day – 12/12


Hey Everyone! ❤

Today I was out and about soaking up the Christmas atmosphere in Cork. 🙂

Here’s what I wore…

Faux fur jacket : Zara – soooo cozy! ❤

Sweater with chain neck detail : Zara – Love my comfort but the detail on this jumper makes it stylish too!

Pants : Penneys/Primark – Again with the comfort, these are like trousers but have the comfort of leggings!

Handbag : Parfois

Frilly socks : Miss Selfridge – So cute and they match my burgundy bag 🙂

Chunky heels : River Island – Surprisingly enough, my feet lasted in these all day shopping!!

Sunglasses : Tiffany & Co. – The winter sun was so blinding today but I love it ❤ ❤ ❤

BeFunky_1.jpg BeFunky_2.jpg BeFunky_3 crop.jpg BeFunky_4.jpg BeFunky_5.jpg


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