Guinot Skincare Review!

Hey Everyone! ❀

So a couple of months ago I received a little package from Guinot containing 3 different products.

They were kind enough to send me their Mousse Nettoyante BiOxygene Cleansing Foam, their Instant Brightening Mask and their Brightening UV Shield which is SPF 50.

Coming out of the dull weather and into Spring, we all want glowing skin and these products are great rejuvenation!


1. Mousse Nettoyante BiOxygene Cleansing Foam


First off, lets talk about the cleanser they sent me! It’s a foam consistency so it’s really rich and removes every scrap of makeup, dirt and excess oil. I have extremely sensitive skin, but I found this cleanser to be really gentle. It didn’t leave my skin feeling tight and lacking moisture. I use it in the morning and in the evening. If I’m removing my makeup with it I like to lather the foam on my skin twice, once to remove makeup and the second round thoroughly cleanses my pores. I do this with every cleanser.

2. Instant Brightening Mask


The next product they sent me was their Instant Brightening Mask. Now who doesn’t love to have glowing skin from within? This mask leaves you with a radiant complexion so you look awake and fresh. I love treating my skin to a face mask once a week and this one from Guinot has been my go-to since I got it!

3. Brightening UV Shield (SPF 50)


With the finer weather around the corner (hopefully…) it is even more important to wear sunscreen every single day! Personally, I wear moisturisers and foundations with SPF all year round to protect my skin from the sun’s rays, but in Summer factor 50 is a must on your face! Plus, it’s better to prevent then to cure those wrinkles from the sun’s rays! πŸ˜‰

I love Guinot’s Brightening UV Shield because, although it is a white cream, when you apply it to your skin it adjusts to your skin tone and blends in perfectly! This technology is great because, although it’s a really rich shield, you’re not left with a really stark white complexion, even in pictures!


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