All Clear Juice


Hey Everyone! ❀

Everyone suffers from little breakouts every now and then, but unfortunately, some just have it worse when it comes to pesky blemishes. I’ve tried every lotion, potion, cream, tablet…. everything that there is and I know how irritating it is when they just. don’t. work!!! It’s even more irritating when you follow such a strict skin care regime and take really good care of your skin… on the outside.

So with all that said, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all about what we put into our bodies. We truly are what we eat! Our diets are reflected, not just by our weight, but by our skin, hair, nails, everything!

Whenever I go on a health kick my skin always reaps the benefits and whenever I indulge in greasy or sugary foods my skin pays the price!

Celebrity facialist, Joanna Vargas, preaches the power of juicing for her clients skin. Instead of giving her customers a handful of products as they leave, she gives them a handful of juice recipes!

On the well+GOOD website they have an article all about Joanna’s skin philosophy and some of her juice recipes!

I plan on trying them all! ❀

Today I made Joanna’s “All Clear” juice. πŸ™‚



  1. Pineapple chunks, I used a quarter of a medium-sized pineapple
  2. Half a large cucumber
  3. 1 apple, although Joanna only recommended half!

002b 003b

Throw it all into the juicer and you’re left with the most refreshing, green juice!

It was so delicious, it had a real cucumber taste!

004bΒ Β 007b


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