Upcoming Accessory Trends For Spring 2016

We’re nearly into the second month of 2016, which means that soon enough Spring will be here. So I thought that to help you prepare for the arrival of the new season, I would share a few tips about the upcoming accessory trends. Hopefully, this will give you time to get all the essentials for the coming season, before they sell out.

For all the top trends of the upcoming season – we’re talking jewellery, shoes, bags and much more, keep reading. Take inspiration and get your spring wardrobe in order, so that come March, you’re on trend.


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Let’s talk shoes…

Okay, let’s start by talking about every girl’s favourite accessory – shoes. This spring, there are various shoe designs that are set to be on-trend, from sandal styles to boots. Of all the designs that were seen on the catwalk, sandals were by far the most popular. The chunkier and more gladiator like the design, the better. Unlike last year’s designs, this Spring, gladiator sandals won’t be plain. Oh no, they’ll be embellished with various gems and sequins. When it comes to footwear, this year, it’s all about the glamour.

Sandals aside, ankle boots and heels are also in again this year. Of course, the designs of them are once again different to last year’s styles. This spring’s heels will be covered in glitter and embellishments, making them incredibly eye-catching. Ankle boots will be mainly made from suede, instead of leather. This will give them a softer and lighter feel.


Onto jewellery…

This coming season, jewellery will be big. There’s no two ways about it, for spring, jewellery will be the ultimate accessory. The reason for this is simple – the designs have become bigger and bolder than ever before. This coming season, shoulder dusters – aka earrings that are so long they dust your shoulders, are set to be big. Embellished with feathers, gems and jewels, this season, earrings will be the ultimate accessory.

As for necklaces, there are two styles that will be in this season. The first is chunky necklace designs that are simple yet bold, like these designs from ELF925.COM. The second is choker necklaces that will be highly decorated and beautifully elegant. You’ll also find that bracelets will follow suit, with some being big and bold. While others, will be designed in the choker style.



Time to think about bags…

Bags are a tricky one this season, as there will be various designs that are popular. One of which will be bags made of clear plastic – yes, plastic bags are the new in thing. (You may also see some shoes and jewellery made from the same material.) This spring, the most popular bags will be bright and bold designs, graphic printed style and bags embellished with various items. Plain, white bags will also be in this spring, with their style coming from the material they’re made from.


To ensure that come spring, you have all the must-have accessories, take the style tips above, on board. All the most popular accessories sell out incredibly quickly, so make sure to pick yours up asap.



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