A Guide to Improving Your General Well-Being

Blue January is almost over, thank God. This Monday is the first of February, the first day of Spring and, simply, the first day of the week. It’s the perfect time to revisit those new years resolutions that didn’t quite work out. Whatever your resolutions are I’ll bet the underlying point of them is to improve your well being. So here’s a guest post that inspired me and I thought I’d share it with you all. ❤

I especially love the last point, I find that the energy you put out really does affect the energy you get back. So try and always see the silver lining!


A sense of well-being is what everybody needs to feel happy and at peace. If you have a feeling of unease, or you get anxious most of the time, it’s advisable you take the steps to improve your well being. This guide will give you some great ideas, so you can start working on it today:


Get Some Exercise

Exercise isn’t just good for the body, it’s good for the mind and soul too. It can help us to de-stress, get better sleep, lose excess weight, and look amazing. The endorphins released immediately after exercise can give us a natural high, which makes us want to do it again and again! Sure, it can be hard, but it will be worth it!



Eat Right

The food we eat can affect the way we think and our actions. If you start eating right, not only will you notice an improvement in your body, you’ll feel so much more alert. You’ll have clarity. You won’t get those pesky afternoon slumps. There are so many long term benefits too!


Take a Risk or Two

If you’re not taking risks, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut! Take a risk or two each day to improve your well being, even if it’s only small. Go to a new class or workshop. Meet people. Don’t take silly risks that could get you into trouble. Simply step out of your comfort zone. You’ll be amazed at how good you can feel!


Don’t Cover Up Your Emotions

So many people try to hide their emotions. They sweep them under the rug. They distract themselves. Anything to stop them from feeling! You shouldn’t do this. You shouldn’t dwell on your emotions and let them take over, but you shouldn’t ignore them either. Know that it is OK to feel whatever it is you’re feeling.


Laugh a Lot

Laughter really can be the best medicine. Watch a funny video or film. See somebody who makes you laugh. You’ll feel much better!


Replace Your Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts can really stress out the body, and most of the time we don’t even realise we have them. From now on, try to intercept your negative thoughts and replace them with positive.


Get a Hobby

Spending time on a hobby is a great way to improve your well being. You’ll feel accomplished when you complete your projects. Whether you make it Astrology and design a Libra horoscope, or making model bridges out of matches.


Get Rid of Toxic People

We probably all have at least one toxic person in our lives. Don’t be afraid to cut your connection with them. They might not realise they are toxic, but that’s not your problem.


Work Out Things You’re Grateful For

Think of all of the things you’re grateful for. Really sit and think about them. Write them down. Add to the list. It’s something you can look back over when you feel a little sad, and when you’re grateful you should find the universe rewards you with more things to be grateful for!


Good luck!


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