How To Pack Lightly And Look Stylish On Holiday


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If you’re already planning your summer holiday, it’s likely that you’ve also started planning what you’re going to wear. Knowing exactly what to take with you on holiday can be difficult. Especially when airlines are enforcing stricter baggage weights. Festivals and weekend breaks will also require you to pack lightly. But this can be challenging when you’ve bought an entirely new wardrobe to wear. It may even prevent you from creating the looks you’ve spent months creating. Thankfully there are some tips and tricks you can use to make you look fabulous even when packing lightly.


Accessories can transform an outfit

Packing lightly often involves taking some basic clothing pieces with you. These vary depending on the destination you are travelling to. The idea of basics is that they can be worn with anything, making them a fantastic option for holidays. But wearing the same top or dress is bound to get boring over time. That is why accessories are essential items you need to take with you on your trip. You can dress up your basics with jewellery, handbags and belts, creating an entirely different look each time. It can also take a day outfit and make it more suitable for evening. For instance, a colourful, statement necklace can make a simple jersey dress more appropriate for a posh restaurant or a trip to the theatre. So before you head off, go through your wardrobe and see what accessories you could take with you. Choose lightweight items that work well with more than just one item of clothing. This is so you continue to keep the weight of your suitcase down.


Shoes can make or break your holiday

Shoes can again add additional weight to your suitcase if you pack too many. Ideally, you should only need a few pairs of comfortable and sensible shoes. High heels may be fine for an evening but they aren’t always suitable for walking in cities and on beaches. You don’t want your holiday to be ruined by your feet being continually sore. So take flip flops to wear on the beach and flat plimsoll or sandals to wear everywhere else. Think carefully about the activities you intend to do during your trip and make sure the shoes you take go with your clothing. You will probably do more walking that you think. Even activities such as seeing Blackpool shows require walking up and down stairs. So keep this in mind before packing only high heels in your luggage. Shoes you can walk in will always make you look more fashionable and confident.



Get good at layering

Layering is a perfect way of regulating your temperature in hot and cold locations. It can also dress up the plainer items in your suitcase. But packing too many jumpers, cardigans and cover-ups could add extra weight. Pick out some essential layering items that add some interest to your basics with colour or embellishment. But only pack one of each. Wear one of these items on the plane while you travel to reduce your weight further.




These clever tricks and tips will keep you looking chic and stylish throughout your holiday. Experiment with styling before you go to breathe some new life into your limited holiday wardrobe.



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