Fun Ways To Say Thank You!

With Valentines Day coming up, most of us want to show some appreciation for our loved ones. Here is a guest post to give you some inspiration on how to show some gratitude and love to someone special. ❤


Sometimes there are brilliant people in your life. They are the kind who will help you out at a moment’s notice. They are not looking for anything. They simply do it out of the goodness of their heart.


Acknowledging acts of kindness allows us to keep the magic flowing. It’s all part of improving our general well being and making the world a happier place. It could be the person who helped you with the flat tyre, or carried your groceries. It could the friend who loaned you a few dollars when your card didn’t work. It could be anything. A simple ‘thank you’ might be all that is needed but here are some fun ways to say it even better.



Say it with flowers.

If you can’t afford them, pick some. This ‘thankyou’ must be a million years old but I don’t know anyone in the world it doesn’t work for. Go online for more sumptuous bouquets. The garage forecourts and even supermarkets have florist options. Flowers are great and say it with them and you will be appreciated. Plants in pots and treats from the garden centre are all acceptable. The bonus is they can be nurtured and enjoyed for a long time to come.



These have to be the perfect accompaniment to the flowers but are of course a great option in their own right. Everyone enjoys a box of chocolates. They are great for children and even better for grandparents and everyone in between. Small selection box or triple layers of handmade truffles. It’s up to you, but it’s rude to eat one before the recipient.


Cook them a special meal

This is personal and a treat. Getting invited over to eat when someone has cooked you something special is a delight. You can be as flamboyant as you like. Ensure you choose a recipe that does not mean you’re stuck in the kitchen all night.


Buy a gift and have it delivered.

The world is shopping online now and getting a special and unique gift couldn’t be easier. The range of gifts from is mindboggling. Receiving a gift that someone has chosen for you no matter what the occasion, is just a heartwarming gesture.


Babysitting vouchers

An equivalent could do if your friend or friends don’t have children. In fact, vouchers can be made out for any services you’d like to dream up. From cleaning a house to tidying up a garden. Then again, those with children might appreciate the chance to disappear for a few hours. Dog walking or pet sitting for a weekend could be a good one.


Write a letter

There aren’t enough of these relics from the past around. Getting a letter addressed to you was a thrill that email or text will never match. Get some paper and a pen and write out how much your friend’s gestures meant to you. Sign it. Send it. Smile. A card will do nicely thank you.


Being on the receiving end of a great kindness or generosity is a lovely moment. Responding to that with a well meant and thought about ‘thank you’ is the perfect way for you to show your appreciation.



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