Essential Skin Care Tips You Need To Know

Bright, beautiful skin is something we all want but isn’t something that many of us know how to achieve. The problem is because there are so many skin care myths out there, knowing how to keep your skin happy and healthy can be a little tricky. Once you know what’s fact and what’s fiction, working out the best methods of caring for your skin is fairly straightforward. To get you off to a good start with your quest for healthy, happy skin, here are a few essential tips you need to know.     


Cleanse and tone every day

To prevent blemishes and breakouts, cleansing and toning every day is a must. Your best bet is to invest in a natural cleansing and toning set that’s free of chemicals and any other nasties. Products containing parabens and chemicals can upset your skin leading to breakouts.

Make sure that when your cleansing and toning your skin that you don’t scrub, instead use a gentle wiping motion. (Scrubbing can upset your skin, making it more prone to breakouts.) Oh and most importantly, always make sure to remove makeup before bed. It’s dirt and oil trapped underneath foundation that can cause breakouts and contribute to premature aging.


Make moisturising a priority

Whatever you do, don’t skip moisturising each day, else you’ll regret it. Right now your skin may be beautifully soft and smooth no matter how often you moisturise. But in a few short years when the first signs of aging appear, you’ll wish you’d made more time for face cream. You see, research has shown that people who don’t regularly moisturise are twice as likely to suffer from premature aging.

The reason for this is simple – moisturiser hydrates the skin, smooths out wrinkles and plumps, make your face less prone to the signs of aging. While you’re under the age of thirty, you can use just about any moisturiser. However, once you hit the big three-zero, you’ll need to start using an anti aging serum. While all face creams do something to protect your skin from aging, anti aging products are made especially to stop wrinkles and age spots.


Never leave the house without sunscreen

You most probably already know how important it is to wear sunscreen when you’re out in the sun, but what about on cold, dreary days? Did you know that the sun’s UV rays can damage your skin anytime you leave the house, rain or shine? That’s why it’s crucial that whenever you leave the house, you always ensure that you’re wearing sunscreen.

While most of the signs of minor sun damage won’t show up on your face now, in a few years time they will do. If you don’t make an effort to protect your skin from the sun, your skin will age prematurely. When you’re 25 you’ll look 35, when you’re 35 you’ll look 45, you get the picture. If you want to stay looking youthful for as long as possible, you need to ensure you protect your skin from the sun.


Skin care can seem incredibly complicated, especially as there are so many myths about. However, if you take the tips above on board, you can ensure that your skin is happy and healthy, now and in the future.



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