10 Awesome Tips for Adding Interest to Your Outfits

Adding interest to your outfits is something you must do if you want to look pulled together and polished. No matter the style you prefer to go for, adding interest to your outfit with the help of accessories will stop you from looking boring! If you’ve ever put an outfit on and felt like there was something missing, these 10 awesome tips can help you:


  1. Use the Rule of Thirds


Using the rule of thirds when you dress is the key to making sure your outfits are balanced. If you half your body with an outfit, then you won’t flatter your shape and your outfit will look dull.


  1. Add Pattern


Adding pattern to your outfits is a really quick way to add interest to them. You can do this with patterned shoes, a patterned bag, or even a patterned jacket. There are so many ways you can incorporate pattern depending on your style and how comfortable you feel with it.


  1. Wear Different Textures

Incorporating lots of texture into your outfits is a brilliant way to add interest. You can wear a whole one colour outfit providing you fill your outfit with texture. Wear faux fur, leather, suede, tassels, whatever sort of textures you like. Incorporate a handful of them every time you get dressed to make sure you’re look isn’t boring.




  1. Mix Different Styles


Mixing different styles is a great way to add interest to your look. You can mix modern clothing with vintage clothing to create a whole new look, for example.


  1. Throw on a Belt


Throwing on a belt is a simple way to add interest, and there are all kinds out there. You can wear a skinny waist belt to add shape, or even a chunky waist belt.


  1. Use a Scarf


Use a scarf to add interest to your outfits by wearing it all different ways. You can wear it as a belt, in your hair, as a bag accessory. There are even different ways you can tie it as a scarf to make it look unique.


  1. Pile on Bangles and Rings


Piling on bangles and rings is a good way to add interest, especially if you like a boho kind of look. If you want to wear jewellery that means something to you, DNA 2 Diamonds can help.


  1. Layer Necklaces


Layering necklaces of different lengths and styles is a nice way to add interest, especially if they have charms and pendants that mean something to you.


  1. Focus on the Smaller Details


Focus on the smaller details to really make an impact with your outfits. For example, your nails or even your socks.


  1. Learn How to Layer


Learn how to layer up different items to create a variety of looks. You can wear a jumper over a dress, or even two jackets at once! Layering is a must if you want diverse outfits.


Use these 10 tips to add interest to your outfit and you’ll always look put together. Which one is your favourite?


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