10 Amazing Beauty Hacks You Need To Try Now

Beauty often takes a back seat in our busy and hectic lives. Well, now it doesn’t have to! I’ve discovered these fantastic beauty tips and tricks that will make your life easier, as well as save you bucket-loads of time! They cover all kinds of beauty tips. From makeup storage to cool time-saving techniques. Here are my ten amazing beauty hacks!


4294336874_d9b58bfc9a_zPhotographer: Courtney Rhodes


  1. Contour made easy


Get the perfect diamond-shaped face in no time at all by contouring! All you need to do is highlight a triangle shape in the area directly below your eyes. Also, add some highlights to the middle of your forehead and chin.


  1. Tiny strokes for natural brows


When defining your eyebrows, use tiny brush strokes. Do them too long and heavy, and your brow will end up too dark. Meaning you’ll have to start all over again.


  1. Create a smokey eye with your fingers


You don’t need brushes to get your smokey eyes just right. Simply smudge slightly with your finger! Use your little finger to keep the smoke effect contained to just around your eye.


  1. Keep your makeup chilled


Do you know about refrigerating makeup? Some beauty products last longer and are easier to apply when kept in the fridge. Easier to apply means you won’t take as long getting ready!


  1. Peppermint oil for plump lips


Apply a touch of peppermint oil to your lips before you put your lippy on. You’ll notice a natural plumpness to your lips! Watch out, though – if you apply too much, your lips might sting a little.


  1. White eyeliner for tired eyes


If your eyes need a little help, apply some white eyeliner. It will help them to pop, while also hiding how tired or hungover you are! This is also the same for tired skin – use paler foundations and colours to help brighten it up on tired days!


  1. Blending sponges help with applying foundation.


Have you always applied your foundation with your hands? You may think using your fingers is quicker, but using a blending sponge helps you get it right the first time. Therefore, you won’t run the risk of going wrong and having to apply your foundation all over again.


6903483453_f88752ab53_bPhotographer: Greta Ceresini


  1. Add moisturiser to lighten foundation


We’ve all accidentally bought the wrong shade of foundation before! Don’t panic if you do. You can always lighten it by mixing in some moisturiser.


  1. Eyes of lips?


If you are super short on time, it’s best to decide on either eyes or lips. Focus on one of the other, but don’t rush and try to do both. For a easy look, leave the mascara in favour for cherry red lips!


  1. No more clumpy mascara


Tired of throwing away bottles of clumpy mascara? The solution is simple! Just mix in a couple of drops of contact lense solution, shake, and you’ll no longer be plagued by pesky lumps!


Hopefully, this list will help you create a fast and efficient makeup routine that will help you stay ahead of the clock!


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