How To Wear Classic Looks

Some looks pass the test of time. And others may disappear for a few years, but they’ll always come back in fashion sooner or later. As everyone says, history repeats itself. You’ll know the types of styles I’m talking about. They are the distinctive looks often associated with subcultures. Think goths, hippies and Teddy Boys. So how exactly do you recreate these iconic trends? Here are some of my tips!





The Goth Look

We all know how goths dress. Lots of black and very dark makeup. But nailing the look isn’t just about wearing your darkest clothes. You need to make sure you’re selecting the right items. Goths love wearing big belts covered in studs, leather, and starry patterns. Some goths channel a Victorian-style look and wear corsets and large bustles. Whichever goth you want to be will depend on you! But whichever clothes you choose, you will need to top your look off with lots of dark makeup. Try out thick eyeliner and black or deep-purple lipstick.


Hippie Chic

This particular style seems to come back into Vogue every couple of years. Bring back the 60’s vibe with long, floaty dresses, floral patterns and big, feathery earrings. When possible, try and wear natural, organic clothing. Jewelry made from leather, beads and other natural materials really emphasises the hippie look. But metallic styles also work well. Especially if they are very colorful pieces. Take a look at Firefly Jewelry for inspiration.


Teddy Boys

Inspired by the fashionable dandies from Edwardian times, Teddy Boys first became big in the ‘50s. The guys wore zoot suits and big, chunky Brogue shoes. Meanwhile, ladies were known as Teddy Girls and wore pencil skirts and drape jackets. They also slicked their hair back into high pony tails. All of these clothing items are still readily available today, but you may have to go shopping with your mum to find them! Even if you don’t find a whole outfit, just buy one piece. Single clothing pieces from this trend are often used to create modern looks.


Pin-Up Girl

Another look that dates back to the 50s, the pin-up girl style has never really gone out of fashion and is closely associated with vintage fashion. This look is especially great for plus-size girls, as 50s dresses really emphasise curves. You can also wear tight pencil skirts and polka dot blouses. Whichever clothes you choose, don’t forget to curl your hair and apply plenty of bright red lipstick!


Skater Chicks

If you are more of a tomboy, then the skater chick look will suit you down to the ground! It’s perfect for active and sporty girls. You’ll need a pair of super cool sneakers, for starters! Think about Vans or Converse. Hoodies are also key to nail this look, as well as beanie hats. The key to getting this look right is to keep it trendy yet comfortable. Skater Chicks often carry a bright rucksack around with them. If you have a skateboard to accessorize with, even better!


So, which look will be your new favourite?


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