Don’t Let These Risks Ruin Your Time Out There In The Summer

A lot of us are still in the thick of summer. We might even experience this kind of glorious sunny weather for weeks into autumn. Especially given how extreme the weather is getting nowadays. Which means lots more fun in the sun. But it also means plenty more risks that not enough of us prepare for. Don’t ruin your summer by getting sick or hurt. Follow the tips below and have a safer summer.



It can be easy to forget how much of a nuisance the natural world can be in the winter. Then in the summer, you come face to face with it and end up coming back with all kinds of rashes and hives. The first thing to do is protect yourself properly from bugs like chiggers. Find out more about homemade remedies for bites, like crushed aspirin and even nail polish. Wearing loose, but covering clothes can reduce your risk of getting bitten or stung by bugs and plants, too.



Everyone knows that it’s important we drink water to keep healthy. But drinking water isn’t the only way you should be fighting dehydration in the summer. Avoid alcohol and caffeine when it’s really hot. Both these drinks suck the water out of you. Eat more things like fruits and vegetables on sunny days. Particularly cucumbers, tomatoes, oranges and other juicy fruits. You don’t have to constantly chug water to get the hydration you need. If you’re about and about, stay close to places like convenience stores and restaurants where you can recuperate and hydrate when you need to.


Damage to your skin

The sun won’t just dry you up; it will play havoc with your skin. Of course, you know about using sunscreen. One thing to be careful about is using sunscreen that has a too-high SPF if you have oily skin. It might load your skin with more oil, causing its own range of problems.


The dangers of gardening

It might not be one you expected to see, but lawnmower accidents remain one of the most common summer injuries! We will all likely be out there at some point, strumming away and keeping our grass neat. Avoid accidents by making sure you’re wearing closed toe shoes. Wear glasses or some eye protection as well. You don’t know what can get caught in your grass, churned up and spat directly at your face.


Food poisoning

One of the reasons summer is so good is all the variety it adds to your usual dining experiences. Picnics. Barbecues. Mouth-watering just thinking about it. But this variety also results in more food poisoning than the rest of the year. Make sure you’re keeping fruit and veg in cool, sealed containers if you’re picnicking. Wrap meat separately from the rest of your food. Bring a meat thermometer for your food and test the middle of the meat. The safe ranges are 145 degrees for steaks, 160 degrees for other beef and pork and 165 degrees for chicken. Don’t take any chances!


There are some other risks we haven’t mentioned yet, but these remain the most common ones we have to deal with in summer. Just be careful and remember to take care of yourself.



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