Is Technology Making Us Lazy, Or Is It Helping Us Work

Do you think that technology is maybe turning us all into lazy people? I don’t just mean sitting in front of the TV lazy, although that is its own issue. The point is more that our lives are increasingly automated and it could stop some of us from going the extra mile. We don’t have to go to the supermarket, and if we go there we don’t have to queue as much for checkouts. We have gadgets to do most things now, too.

On the other hand, the fact that we have greater technological advances doesn’t mean we have less work to do. It seems, in fact, as though the amount of work spreads out to fill the time we have available. So technology isn’t so much saving time, or making us lazier – it’s just allowing us to do more things, more efficiently. It gives us time to do things we may previously have left or outsourced.

  1. In The Bathroom

three toothbrushes


We haven’t all suddenly started brushing our teeth because electric toothbrushes became available. We brushed our teeth anyway, but the benefits of technology mean that we can do it more thoroughly in the same amount of time. By using a sonicare toothbrush we can get a much deeper clean. New water flossers and other implements mean we can get rid of more plaque and particles. The health benefits of this are numerous.


  1. Getting The Housework Done


The jury is out on self-cleaning ovens. Chances are, if you want it done properly you’ll still need to do it yourself. However, robotic vacuum cleaners and frost-free fridges have made things a lot easier in some parts of the home. Because of the number of things we have in the home, we maybe don’t have any less work to do. But the work we have to do can be done more easily and efficiently.


  1. Staying In Touch

Social Media Logotype Background


We can all too often be guilty of failing to stay in contact with our loved ones. It’s not through malice, or lack of desire. It is something that happens because we’re busy, we’re tired, or because we’re ashamed it’s taken so long. It’s troubling, but it happens. However, we have social networking along with the various other technological developments regarding communication. Now, we can do a lot more to stay in touch.


  1. Getting Fit And Staying In Shape


Technology has been blamed for a lot of people sitting on their rear ends and getting fat. But it is also allowing a lot of us to get and stay fit, by allowing us to set and stick to a diet plan. It also allows us to track our movements during the day, so we can tell how many steps we’ve taken, miles we’ve walked. You need to be somewhat honest on your own part. But if you are, it does help.


We can make technology a scapegoat for some things that aren’t positive in society. But if we’re going to do that, let’s hear it for the things that it gets right as well.


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