Make a Statement: Three Rules For Wearing Statement Jewellery

Jewellery is a great way to bring together any outfit. It can really set off the outfit that you are wearing and even enhance how you look. You might prefer to wear a few classic pieces or choose bold statement pieces. If you choose the latter, then there are some ‘rules’ that come along with it, though. You want to compliment your outfit and how you look with your jewellery; not make it worse. So here are a few of the rules of wearing statement jewellery.


Less is More

If you are choosing a bold piece of jewellery, then you want it to stand out, right? It is kind of the whole point. So you want to keep it simple and only wear one bold piece. If you are wearing a bib or collar necklace, then a large statement pair of earrings won’t be a good look. Instead, choose a simple pair of studs if your necklace is bolder. The same goes for rings and watches too. If you are choosing a large cuff to wear on your wrist, don’t wear your watch on the other wrist. If you have a large ring on one hand, then keep it simple on the other hand. Something like a more elegant Verragio ring could work well on the other hand instead. Don’t go for bold rings on each hand!


Keep Your Clothes Simple

Bright and colourful jewellery will just get lost if you are wearing a busy or multi-coloured outfit. The best way to make the jewellery stand out is to wear it with simple or more plain clothing. A bright blue chunky necklace would look amazing with a white or cream dress, for instance. It wouldn’t look as good with an animal print top or dress. So quite often it is best to plan your outfit around the jewellery you are going to be wearing. You could also break up the colour in the outfit. Patterned or colourful trousers, a plain shirt and statement earrings would work. This is because the patterns are broken up by the plain shirt. So just be sure to plan your outfits carefully.


Match Necklaces with Necklines

To make a necklace stand out as it should, it needs to be teamed up with the right neckline. Otherwise, it can just get a little lost or lose its stand out effect. If you have a strapless top or one that is off the shoulder, it is ideal for most bold necklaces. Scoop neck tops and v-neck tops work well with most necklace styles too. If your top’s neckline has a collar or is a halterneck, it won’t be the best idea for a bold necklace. It will get a little lost or even hidden. Bolder earrings might be a better option with this kind of neckline.

The important thing to remember is that statement jewellery is meant to make a statement, of course. So look for pieces that will compliment your existing clothing and help you to make an outfit.


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