Bored Of Your Look? Here’s What You Can Do…

If you’re bored of your look, there are so many things you can do to change things up. You don’t even need to make a huge commitment to do it! Here are some ideas that can help you to have fun with your look and stop you from feeling bored:

Change Your Hair Color/Style

Why not change your hair color or style? So many people feel afraid to do this, but you only live once. Why regret never having tried a hairstyle or color that you really love? Hair fades and grows. It won’t be that way forever. Besides, you’ll probably love your new hair and wonder why you didn’t change it sooner! Providing you find a competent hairdresser and take pictures of what you want, there should be no crossed wires and you should leave the salon feeling like a whole new person.


Try Out A Wig

If you’d rather not change your hair right away, or you have a really crazy style/color in mind, try out a wig. Wigs are becoming more and more popular. They are also becoming less detectable, with more companies selling high quality wigs. Many of them aren’t all that expensive either. Just make sure you watch a tutorial to make your wig look as natural as possible.

Put Some Contacts In

Why not put some contacts in to change the color of your eyes? Just make sure you buy them from a reputable source. You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to something as delicate as your eyes!


Try A New Makeup Product

Try a new lipstick, eyeshadow, or something else to give your look more interest. You could stick to one new product, or try a whole new look if you’re feeling brave. If you always have a smoky eye, why not try a bright color on your lid? If you go for a natural look most of the time, try something more sultry. There are so many tutorials on YouTube that make it easy for regular people to create professional looks.

Wear Something Unusual

Wear something unusual that you wouldn’t normally wear. Of course you should feel comfortable and confident in it, so make sure that it feels like ‘you’. If it doesn’t feel right, you shouldn’t wear it. Maybe you could go for a bright patterned jacket, or a pair of funky shoes. You could even try out some new accessories. See more here for some inspiration.


Get A New Tattoo Or Piercing

Tattoos and piercings shouldn’t really be taken lightly. There are risks you take with them, especially if you don’t do your research on reputable tattooers and piercers. Not only that, tattoos are for life unless you want to go through the painful and expensive process of removing them. If you want to change your look, this could be an option as long as you’re in the right frame of mind. Body modification is all well and good, but you must do your research first.  


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