How To Be Like Kylie Jenner!


If you’re a fan of Kylie Jenner and want to be more like her – read on!


Change Up Your Hair Daily

Go for wigs like Kylie does, red, blue, green, blonde, even a rainbow! Just don’t go dying your hair all different colours and bleaching the crap out of it! You will kill your hair to the point of no return. (You don’t want that – trust me!) Human hair wigs will always look better. However, they are a lot more expensive. That doesn’t mean synthetic wigs aren’t any good, but let’s just say – you get what you pay for.


Buy Endless Amounts Of Shoes

You have to have shoes. Closets full of them! Stilettos, boots, trainers, sandals and more. (Whatever you can get your hands on.) Just make sure they’re in season. Wearing something a week old is like you’re wearing something from the 50s in the fashion world!


Keep On Trend With New Fashion

Make sure you follow all the latest fashion trends whether that be choker dresses, high cut swimsuits, mesh bodysuits or thigh-high boots. Keep track of what’s hot and what’s not. Fashion changes very quickly, so keep your eye open for the newest trends.


Don’t Be Afraid To Show Off That Booty

If you’ve got curves – show them off, girl! Once upon a time a big butt wasn’t ‘sexy’; skinnier was the way to go. But thanks to the hot, celebrity Kardashian sisters, we have learned to accept them curves and flaunt them. So don’t be scared of pulling on them tight leggings and stepping outside. Be that tall glass of water you know you are!


Make Your Own Lip Line

If Kylie can do it, why can’t you? Get in touch with a lipstick manufacturing company and share your ideas. – But be unique! There’s no point bringing out products that already exist; nobody will buy them. Think about what will make you stand out. Try and think back to times when you said: “I wish they had it in this colour!” Or “Why don’t they have this shade in matte?” Information like this from yourself and other people will give you a big advantage!


Keep Your Nails On Point

Whatever you do, don’t break a nail! And if you do – get it fixed asap. You will never see Kylie with a chipped nail. They are always perfect, the colour, the length and the style are pure perfection. So head down to your local nail salon and get some falsies (if you have short nails!) Just make sure you can style use your phone!!


Snapchat Your Life

Kylie wouldn’t be who she is if she didn’t Snapchat every second of the day. You’re going to the shops – Snapchat story. Playing with your dogs? – Snapchat story. Got a new ring? – Snapchat story! You get the picture, right? Speaking of pictures, don’t forget about the selfies! Practice your perfect pout and then put it on Instagram for the whole world to see. The more followers – the better.



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