The Best Hairstyles for Long Hair

Having healthy, long hair is something to be proud of, that not everyone can achieve. Don’t stick to just one style, when there are so many ways to show it off. Experiment with different looks, from the latest fashion trends, to traditional, romantic styles. There’s something to suit everyone.

The Modern Ponytail


A sleek, super high ponytail is a one of the most popular statement looks in fashion. This slicked back style is especially great if you have a strong bone structure and high cheekbones. Remember to wrap some hair around the base to hide your hair tie. Or why not try the modern take on the traditional ponytail. Like the high pony, this style requires straight hair for ultimate effect. Your ponytail should be lying flat against your back. When done, take two side sections from the back of your hair, and wrap them around the base of your pony, covering your hairband. This put together look adds a contemporary twist to the typical ponytail. Another popular look is to tie hair coloured bands down the length of your ponytail. Lightly puff out the hair in each section, to get that stunning, rounded effect.

The Slicked Back Wet Look


This look has been seen all over the runway recently, from Balmain to Marc Jacobs. It is the new modern, edgier alternative to the normal combed back style. Think of it as the “just coming out of the ocean” look, but with gel rather than hair dripping down your back! This is not an everyday style, but perfect for parties and nights out. To get this look, start with dry, unwashed hair. Next, comb your hair away from your face and apply gel or conditioner through the length, raking backwards with your fingers.

Soft, Romantic Curls


Nothing looks more feminine than a mane of long, luscious curls. If your hair isn’t naturally curly, there are many hair websites out there that sell curling wands for long hair. For volume, go for layers, curling the tips with with your wand to get that feathered flick effect. With a wand, you can really control how tight or loose your curls are. A great updo to wear when rocking the curls is a loose high ponytail with a few soft ringlets framing the face.

The Braid


From loose and effortless to romantic fishtail styles, the braid is the perfect go to style for women with longer hair. It can be worn in a braided messy bun for formal occasions like weddings, or be worn in a fishtail style for the new modern take on the single braid. To create a plaited messy bun, simply french braid the front sides of your hair, right down to the end. When done, pin the braids around a messy bun close to the nape of your neck. With single plaits, it’s always fun to play around with different styles, from loose and relaxed, to tight and immaculate.


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