Crowning Glory

Our hair is meant to be our crowning glory. So let’s cut straight to the chase; six easy ways to make sure your crown doesn’t begin to lose any of its glitter.


#1 – Protein Boosts


Hair is nearly 90% protein, so to truly enrich it, giving it more of the same is a valuable way of doing so. There are many protein-rich treatments containing the likes of keratin to choose from, depending on your budget. Or you can try an at-home alternative with an egg mask. It’s as simple as it sounds: two or three eggs (depending on hair length), applied to hair, left for 20 minutes and then rinsed off. Your hair will thank you for it.


#2 – Dead End

Bad hair day, portrait of a beautiful girl with messed up hair i

There is no way of healing split ends. You can smooth them down and make them look more acceptable, but they will not heal once they have separated. Worse yet, the split may travel up the rest of the hair shaft and do more damage. If you identify a split end, snip it off with a pair of scissors to prevent further problems.


#3 – Colour Can Be Your Friend


You may have become accustomed to the idea that colouring your hair is bad for it. After all, it’s a trope we hear all the time. While some treatments do damage hair – bleaching being one such treatment – there are ways and means of colouring without damage. If you feel your hair is ageing you, check around to find out the solution for grey hair. Furthermore, herbal powders such as henna and cassia will not only add a rich tint to your hair, but they will also make it feel fuller.


#4 – Limit Your Heat


If you’re a morning showerer, it’s difficult to let your hair dry naturally. Try shifting your routine and showering at night, leaving your hair to air dry without needing to use heat appliances. Even the best heat protection sprays can’t totally eliminate the problems that heat causes. If you can’t give it up altogether, then at least try and control the issue by lowering the frequency.


#5 – Tie It Back

You may love the feeling of your hair being loose around your shoulders, but up-dos could be the saviour of hair that’s crying out for a break. When your hair is loose, it’s more likely to catch and snag – causing more split ends and more general disarray. Wear your hair pulled back as often as possible, preferably in braided styles so you only need to use a minimum of hair clips. At the very least, tie your hair back when you sleep to save it from being scrunched up on your pillow.


#6 – Brush It, Baby (Brush It Real Good)


Don’t just brush your hair to detangle; do it because it’s beneficial in and of itself. Brushing not only helps clean the hair by sweeping scalp sebum from root to tip, it also stimulates blood flow to the scalp. This means healthier hair that grows faster – and who doesn’t want that?



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