Casual & Trendy

Hi lovelies!

Here is another look from the past week! (Sundays are for catching up since I’m in the middle of exams!) This outfit is super easy and casual but quite trendy at the same time. All you need to re-create this look is a pair of statement trainers and an oversized bomber jacket. You could even personalise a basic bomber jacket, make it your own by picking up a set of badges and DIY-ing your own statement jacket.

Bomber jacket: Zara (This jacket gives me major Yeezy vibes…. if Kanye ever collaborated with Girl Scouts this is what it would look like hahah)

Leggings: Zara

Trainers: Zara

(Can you tell I’m a fan of Zara…)

Sunglasses: Parfois (See similar here)

Polo neck cropped top: Missguided




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