Drinks For The Everyday

The things you drink everyday can have more of an impact on your health than you know. Some things you drink are great for your health, while others not so much. Here’s a list of the things you should be drinking every day, and the things you should probably reconsider:

Green/Matcha Tea


Green tea is an amazing addition to just about any diet. It can help to speed up the metabolism and keep you alert, and they usually come in a variety of flavors. However, matcha tea is even better than green tea. One cup of matcha is around 10 times stronger than green tea. You will burn fat so much faster, and you might even be able to replace one of your caffeine hits with this healthy drink. Buddhist monks have used it for years!





Water should be every person’s go-to drink. However, you need to make sure you’re drinking it from the right sources. You shouldn’t really be drinking it from the tap, as many areas have fluoride in the water. Bottled or filtered water is usually best, but even then you need to make sure you’re using the right filter. Softeners can make a difference too. Make sure you read reviews to help you decide what you need – this review is quite in-depth and covers almost all the aspects you need to know about.




Coffee has been given a bad reputation by some, but it can actually be beneficial in small doses! Coffee has been linked to reduce depression and dementia, as well as other diseases. Just bear in mind that one or two cups a day is plenty. Becoming dependent on coffee is never a good thing, and too much caffeine can be dangerous. You can find caffeine in other things, like chocolate, tea, and energy drinks too.


Red Wine


You don’t have to drink red wine every day, or even at all if you don’t want to. However, red wine has been linked with benefits too, and one glass a night with dinner could actually be very good for you. Red wine can lower your cholesterol, protect your heart, and even boost your brain power.



Things To Reconsider:

Now you know what you should be drinking, here’s what you should reconsider:


Fruit Juice


Fruit juice tastes great, and one small glass per day could contribute to your five a day and overall health. However, too much of the stuff will mean you’re consuming an excess of calories ,carbs, and sugars. It’s all too easy to overestimate your portion sizes with something like juice.


Store Bought Smoothies


Store bought smoothies usually have lots of carbs and sugar too, although they are marketed as very healthy. Again, they can be good for you in small doses. Learn to read nutritional labels, and make sure you’re drinking the recommended portion amount rather than the whole carton.




Many people react to milk with bloating and other issues. This isn’t surprising, what with humans being the only living thing that drinks another animal’s milk. Could you imagine a cow wanting to drink our breast milk? There are lots of alternatives that are far healthier!


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