The Best & The Worst Of The 90s

There’s a famous saying – that history repeats itself. We know this to be true, definitely from comparing past events with what’s happening today, but it is also true for fashion as well. Currently we are being flung back to the 90s with no looking back, so what can we buy or dig out from our past (or borrow from others’ pasts) to help us achieve this NSYNC* fangirl look?



Chokers were all the rage in the 90s, and they’re definitely making a comeback now. They are available from most if not all major fashion retailers online, so you’d be hard-pressed not to see one whilst surfing the web. It doesn’t have to be the typical tattoo-style expandable plastic choker that you can wrap around your neck; they’ve actually come a long way since then and can be made out of a variety of different materials and in any colour to suit your choice. So it’s like someone in the 90s has suddenly time travelled and had access to a color palette … which is probably the case.


Think big, think curly, think scrunchies. Think a whole load of other things that could adorn your head: clips, grips, springs, flowers, anything you could fit in. All you have to do is a quick search of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears in their prime to see how varied hairstyles could be. It seemed that the higher up on your head your hair could get, that was the look that was to be achieved. You don’t have to go full 90s with your barnet if everything else is keeping on trend – it could be overkill – but it’s still fun to experiment with.


The great thing about this resurgence of arguably the best decade ever is the comeback of the fanny pack – but now we have the means to purchase them in any color of our choosing. For instance, you can now get a rainbow fanny pack or any other design you could desire to keep all your valuables and personal possessions close to you at all times. And the fact that we can now wear them without mockery is an opportunity to be snatched up. (They’re also super practical, so can we keep this trend for a while please?)


Bold colours were the choice colours, and it’s no different today. Have a look around for what makeup companies like NYX can offer in terms of providing a pop of colour for your eyes or lips; if you want to take it back the full 20-odd years, berry red should be your lipstick shade of choice.



Think denim, think tartan, think fluff. You can finally look like an extra from Clueless and be considered the height of fashion. Yay! Channel your inner Cher Horowitz and get the preppy look working for you, or turn in the other direction and think grunge like Courtney Love. There were so many different styles going on that you’re spoiled for choice with whom to draw inspiration from.


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