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There is a lot that our hair can say about us. You can tell a lot about someone; their style, their background, their creativity and their daringness just by how they have their hair. You may not have even thought about it before, but it’s why hair salons are one of the few things that will never, ever go out of business; we just love what we have to work with too much.

If you can’t decide what to do with your hair, consider these options for a way to funk up your look.

New Colour

We’re no longer conditioned to sticking with ‘normal’ hair colours – your blondes, browns, blacks and reds. All of the colours of the rainbow are available for you to pop onto your head, and it’s not uncommon to mix two or more colours for a really unique style. There are dyes which are both permanent and semipermanent, wash-in-wash-out colours and hair chalks available for those who are looking for a very temporary trend. The world is your oyster in terms of options, but make sure that you go to a recommended and experienced stylist if it’s your first time or if you’re trying to do a massive transition; there are certain shades that will take a lot of time and bleach to master, and some that just aren’t viable on one colour. Either do thorough research or pay out for hair that will actually look good at the end of it.


New Cut

Take a look around on the web for inspiration for your next cut. You may be surprised at what is currently trending; the styles past generations are resurfacing and becoming popular once again, so it’s a time where you can be as daring as you like and validate it with past experiences. It may not even be a new cut that you are looking for; there are new details about transplants becoming available all the time, and it’s becoming more so of a viable option for those who may be experiencing hair loss and are going for shorter or more reserved cuts in order to draw the attention away from their lack of hair. Choose a cut that suits your style and, more importantly, your career; as previously mentioned about what people can gather about your personality through your hairstyle, you would probably be less likely to be hired as a kindergarten teacher if you had a mohawk rather than a shoulder-length bob. Variety is the spice of life and personal preference should be appreciated rather than criticised, but not everybody can see this – especially not in the professional world.

New Accessories

Bows, clips, bobbles, grips – you name it, and it’s probably out there and available to put into your hair to jazz it up a bit (or a lot, go wild). If you aren’t brave enough to have your hair cut or coloured the way that you want it, at least you know that accessories are only there to enhance what you’ve already got and are as temporary or permanent as you allow them to be.


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