A Smile Makeover!


There aren’t many people out there who are 100% happy with their smile. Sometimes though, the issues they see aren’t big enough to actually go and do something. For those who do feel their smiles need a drastic makeover, you have a few things you can do. Read on for a ton of ideas and suggestions to help you feel happier with your smile:


Try Out A New Lipstick – And Don’t Forget The Lip Liner


Have you considered that all you need to do to makeover your smile is try a new lipstick? Different lipsticks can have a different effect on the way we look. For example, pink is quite girly, while dark purple can look vampy, and even quirky. However, you also need to bear in mind that these hues will have a different effect on your skintone. Some could make you look healthy and fresh, while some may make you look more washed out. Some shades can make your teeth look whiter, while others can make them look discolored. It’s all about being smart and paying attention to what works for you.

When you’ve chosen your new shade of lipstick, make sure you don’t forget the lip liner. Lip liner is a crucial stage in the makeup process. It not only makes sure your lips are perfectly defined and plump looking, it can also make them look bigger!



Try A Lip Plumper


If you’re dissatisfied with the size of your lips, a quick way to try out a plumper look is to use a lip plumper. These lip plumpers need to be used with care, as using them too much can result in bruises. However, when used properly, they can create a plumper pout that’s perfect for applying lipstick right onto. Lip filler is another option, but you should never opt to go cheap!


Whiten Your Teeth At Home


Whiten your teeth at home for a brighter, more attractive smile. Just make sure you use reputable products. Never buy anything you’re unsure about, as you could damage your teeth and make them sensitive! You can use safe, natural options at home to whiten your teeth, like coconut oil and charcoal.


Speak To A Professional


If you’re really concerned about your smile, having a chat with a celebrity dentist could help you to design the smile of your dreams. Make sure you take their advice, as going against what they say could leave you with a result you aren’t happy with.


Consider Temporary Veneers


Temporary veneers are a good option for those who don’t want anything permanent. They could also be a good stopgap if you plan on having veneers in the future.


Work On Your Self Confidence


Finally, it isn’t always about changing the way you look. Maybe you just need to work on your self confidence a bit. Nobody notices your perceived flaws as much as you do. Work on loving yourself no matter what, and you might not feel like you need to do anything different at all!


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