Casual Looks To Try This Summer

The weather is slowly getting warmer, so now is the time to start shedding those bulky jackets that kept us warm during winter. It may not officially be summer, but it’s never too early to start planning your summer wardrobe. Typical summer fashions include shorts, tank tops, and many cute sundresses. While you won’t go wrong with the classics, it doesn’t hurt to mix things up and try something new. Here are a few suggestions to inspire your casual and trendy look.

White skirts


A light fabric, white skirt is perfect for any occasion this summer. It will keep you cool in the hot weather and looks stylish enough to wear to a beach party or semi-formal evening. Match a maxi skirt with a bright tank top and a sunhat for an effortlessly chic look. A white mini skirt with some little black heels will look great walking through the high street.

Little summer dress


Nothing looks as effortless as a summer dress. An oversized denim jacket and sandal wedges complete the casual look, but swap the wedges for some pumps and a light cardigan, and you’re ready for a night out. You can wear a summer dress at the beach, to a family BBQ, or even on a romantic date. The choices are endless. This year you could restock your summer dress collection with an urban outfitters discount code.

Over swimsuit dresses


When the sun burns at its brightest, you’ll stay cool by wading in the pool or submerging yourself in the sea. Easily transition between the seaside and the beach bar with a cover up dress. Not only do they provide extra protection from UV rays, but it looks more appropriate when you’re sipping your cocktail at the bar than a bikini would. They are also less likely to get wet than a pair of short your might wear over your one piece.

Black one piece swimsuit


If there were a poolside equivalent of the Little Black Dress, it has to be a black one-piece swimsuit. Some trends come and go, but a black one-piece will never go out of fashion. Complete the look with a large sunhat, wedges, and sunglasses, and all eyes will be on you.

White shorts


Nothing exudes confidence like white shorts. This summer clothing item is like the perfect blank canvas because it goes well with most other garments in your wardrobe. You could stick with single colors, such as blue, red, or green, or you could experiment with floral patterns and flannel button-up shirts. Finish off your outfit with deck shoes, sunglasses, and a fedora to look effortlessly casual.

Midi dresses


Maxi dresses might look good, but they’re a tripping hazard if you’re not tall enough to pull enough. On the other hand, midi dresses look good on everyone, and they are perfect outfits for the transition period between seasons. Match them with a light cardigan towards the end of spring, or throw on a stylish leather jacket when the leaves start to brown.


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