Looking Good And Protecting Yourself This Summer

Spring is often said to be a transformative time. The Anglo-American poet T.S. Eliot famously said that ‘April is the cruellest month’ because it is a time of year when everything is so new and fresh, it can sometimes make everything else seem rather tired and faded. However, it can have a similar effect on people too. As winter draws to a close, and spring starts, there is a great temptation to reimagine yourself. Fashions always change each season because winter clothes are not practical for spring, just as spring outfits are not the same as the things that make you look your best in summer. In this regard, spring is a transformative time because it is the bridge between two opposites styles. If you are going to look and feel your best this summer, you need to prepare during spring. No one just finds that they have a complete wardrobe ready on June 1st without doing lots of work beforehand. You may want to update your summer clothes from last year to keep up with the latest trends, or it may be that you need to replace some of the things that you lost in the year since, like your sunglasses. Either way, it is important that you give some thought to it. The fact is that summer is upon us now and if you are still trying to piece together what you are going to wear, and what looks best on you, here are some ideas for some things that you may not have considered:


Why not change your hair? Going to a salon and getting a dye put in, or having it cut in a different style is one thing, but if you want to make quite an impression this summer, why not go for longer hair, and stand out? So many people get their hair cut during the summer that it can seem rather predictable. Virgin hair extensions are clean and safe. They are made from real human hair and can, therefore, give you a natural look.


Protecting yourself is the most important part of having fun this summer. As great as the sun is, and as much as everyone looks forward to it each year, it can also be dangerous. As scary as it can be, the risk of getting too much sun is real and requires that you react to it. Suntan lotion is a crucial part of anybody’s summer essentials. It is so important because it works. A study conducted in Australia found that people who used suntan lotion every day were half as likely to develop skin cancer (melanoma) compared to those people who only used it now and then.


Thankfully, there is an easy way to know when you have had too much sun. L’Oreal recently released the first ever stretchable UV light detector that you can wear on your skin. When it has detected that you have had too much UV, it will send a notification to your phone so that you can take a break for a while. It is a good idea because it will help your skin stay as young and wrinkle-free as long as possible.


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