How To Wear This Season’s Killer Trends

If you want to get the look this summer, then you need to know what patterns to wear. As well as how to incorporate these into your everyday look. Of course, this isn’t always easy, unless you have graduated fashion school, or work for Vogue. But it is a skill that you can learn. Just read on to find out how.


Linear Floral

This pattern trend is one that is both graphic and floral. It’s all about grey and white lines, overlapped with pastel colours and flower patterns that stand out in black. It runs the gauntlet between feminine and masculine and is a great look for both casual wear, and for smarter tailored outfits too.

But how can you incorporate it into your look? Well, first of all, why not try it out in the guise of gym wear? A pair of running leggings in a linear floral design looks great teamed with a plain black top, or even vice versa.


Or why not accentuate the curves of your body with a bodycon dress in this print, as it should provide a nice juxtaposition?


Of course, if you are wearing this print on something skin tight it’s important that its flows properly on the body and the lines are unbroken. To get his look right check out some sites like this that offer shaping women’s underwear. As this will help you achieve that very clean line and ensure that the drama of the outfit isn’t lost in the fit.



What could be more summery that gorgeous, thick, vertical stripes? Happily, they are in this season and wearing the would be easier.

First, try them on a piece of outerwear like a maxi length cotton jacket or waistcoat. The stripe is elongating this way, and this outfit should still be cool, even when temperatures soar. Or why not channel the 70’s cool that is so popular at the moment, and go for some striped flares with a clashing striped top? Wearing them in this way help to create interest and shape, giving you the best look possible.



Typically for spring summer, floaty, frilly, florals are back in this season. In fact, they haven’t changed greatly from last season’s offering. So that means you can probably recycle a few of your pieces from last year, instead of going out and buying new ones.

Although, if you want to rock the most up to date floral look possible, go for 70’s floral print dresses, in warmer colours such as pink, oranges, and yellows. Just team them with a pair of sandals and some hippy hair and you are set.



Lastly, unless you have been under a rock this past season, you will know that big, bright, bold, jungle florals are everywhere from bedding to suits. But to wear this look, you don’t have to wrap yourself in fabric adorned with rubber plant leaves.


Instead, you can go for something a little more subtle such as a pale green palm print dress under a cream jacket. Or even rock a nod to the trend with a necklace or ring against a block coloured outfit.


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