The Immediate Effects Of A Poor Diet

There have been so many news items in the press about diabetes and heart disease. We get it. If we’re obese, we’re probably going to suffer from these diseases and more. But that’s all in the distant future right? We’ve got time to deal with that type of thing. Right now we’re having fun and not worrying about the horrors of middle age. Of course, if we were more aware of the immediate effects of eating bad things, we might clean up our diets a bit more quickly.

Sugar – Extremely high sources of sugar can be found in lots of the things we eat and drink every day without thinking about it. Those candies you suck in the car, the cocktail you enjoy on a Friday night, and even that flavored coffee can be ridiculously sugar-loaded. If you consume too much sugar at once, you are prone to that ‘sugar high, ’ and that will lead to the sudden drop in blood sugar after. Chances are you’ll just notice a mood swing. However, excessive fructose can overload your liver when your body tries to get rid of it, just like alcohol. And you’re going to get the munchies!



Fat – Eating a lot of fat in a single meal will do you no good. What’s the harm in devouring that entire pizza if it’s just a one-off? Excess fat, even in a single meal, can affect your liver straightaway. It can also cause problems with your metabolism. Have you ever felt really sleepy after a big meal? The best way to counter this is to eat plenty of vegetables that are rich in antioxidants. You should also go for a good walk. And yes, next time you go to the bathroom, the evidence of your meal may have an unpleasant effect!

Packets – Processed foods in packets are a huge problem for anyone with a sensitive tummy. Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS sufferers know to stay well away from foods like this. They can cause stomach cramps and lead to painful constipation. If you look at information on IBS symptoms and treatment, you’ll see that most of the foods we know aren’t healthy can bring on this horrible condition within hours. As they’re not natural foods, they can also leave you feeling unsatisfied, more hungry, and unfocused. Give your tummy some TLC by avoiding these harmful foods as much as possible.


Skipping Meals – Skipping a meal or two or even three can be more detrimental to your health than eating something processed. Your blood sugar will drop off, and your body will have to use its stores to feed your essential functions. This includes your brain function and your heart. These stores are often fat stores. Hurrah, I hear you say! But your body could also be using your muscles for food, making you feel even weaker. It can be habit forming and leads to common eating disorders. Stay focused, energized, and happy by eating regularly.

What foods make you feel fabulous when you eat them? Comfort foods aren’t usually healthy, but they can lift your mood. Perhaps the secret is to eat a little of what you love occasionally!



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