Summer Make Up Tips You Can’t Live Without

Looking good in the Summer time can sometimes feel a lot harder than it has to be. With the heat being the number one culprit of ruining the perfect make up, a lot of people can feel as though it isn’t worth going to the effort of applying makeup at all. On the other hand, others make the mistake of over applying their makeup to substitute for the summer sweats that wash half of it away during the day. Have a look at some of these makeup tips perfect for a hot summer’s day that will ensure you look your absolute best from the moment you leave the house until the moment you arrive home in the evening.


Using a good quality primer before applying your makeup can give that extra protection to the face and skin. No only does primer hide any fine lines and pores, it also  prevents your makeup from giving off a mattifying effect. Primer also helps to prevent that extra greasiness that comes with the sweat caused on a hot summer’s day whilst reducing that summer shine all women try and avoid. The best thing about a good primer is that you don’t actually need much. A pea sized amount should work across the whole face and neckline, ensuring that if you decide to opt for a more expensive primer option it will last for a long time.


Many women can end up looking stunning from contouring done correctly. However if done incorrectly they may end up looking as though they have had a cheap rhinoplasty overnight and many people may feel as though they are in desperate need of correcting the previous rhinoplasty, rather than noting that they are just not the best at applying their make up. To ensure you don’t end up becoming one of these people, it is best to swap to liquids or creams in the summer months, rather than powders. Blend these with BB creams and tinted moisturisers using a sponge to keep your skin looking fresh rather than powdery. When contouring, remember to contour believably


Mascara and eyeliner can end up becoming smudged and look as though you slept in it on a hot day. A way of overcoming this is by having false eyelashes applied. There are different types of false eyelashes, from mink, silk or acrylic. The type you opt for is entirely up to you and your own comfort. The best part of having false eyelashes is that it cuts down the time it takes to get ready in the morning as your eyes will be ready from the moment you wake up.


Although makeup is an extra layer on your skin in summer, by applying the right products and ensuring you keep your application light you can still have the perfect look that will be the envy of all. Remember to keep it realistic to ensure you don’t end up looking like you are trying too hard, or so you are unrecognisable to your peers. The lighter the application, the more comfortable you will be during the day, and the longer your look will last.



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