The Beach Bod: 3 Body-Sculpting Exercises

While beach weather is right around the corner, we’ve been preparing by lounging around in the sun, eating ice cream and living the good life. If only there were a way to sculpt up our bodies a bit without having to go all-out. Say hello to summer with these 3 fat-burning exercises, created to give you a full-body workout without spending hours on the treadmill. And best of all – you only need to put in half an hour of work to look and feel fantastic.

First: Motivation

Before we get started, it’s a good idea to get in the right mindset about your exercise goals. The surest way to dropping out is, after all, when you don’t actually believe that you can do it. You’d want to do these first thing in the morning – especially when you’re looking to target those difficult areas of fat stores.

And if you have been working on the same area every summer for the last decade, you might want to look into alternative methods to encourage yourself; some of the treatments Liposuctionsydney has to offer are non-invasive and you’ll finally be able to focus on your workout and see actual results.


#1 Jump rope

Start your exercise by skipping rope for 1 minute – or 10 on the days you want to focus on cardio. It’s a good idea to do strength exercises and cardio on separate days as the second type tends to cancel out the first one when you do them consecutively.

Use your wrists to rotate the rope, make sure your core is engaged, and keep your shoulder blades down and back.

You can always swap this one out with jumping jacks instead if you don’t have a rope or just feel like spicing it up a bit. That way, you’ll get to target those glutes as well.


#2 Plank, push-up, downward dog

When you’re sweaty and ready from your 1-minute cardio warm up, it’s time to start sculpting. Get yourself into a stable plank position, feet together and hands underneath your shoulders. Lower yourself so that your nose is almost touching the floor, making sure your body is a straight line, and hold it for 10 breaths – or about 30 seconds before pushing upwards until you’re in a downward dog position.

You want to keep your fingers spread on the mat, using your arms to push your body back so that you get a proper backbend. Hold it for 5 breaths, lower yourself down and hold the plank position for another 10 breaths. Push back up and repeat another time.

#3 Boat

To make this the full-body exercise we promised, it’s time to work on your abs a bit. Sit straight up on your mat, feet extended in front of you and take a breath before beginning. Lean back until you feel your abs working to keep you up, lift your feet off the ground and extend your arms towards them, forming a V-shape with your body – or a boat.

Pretend that you are trying to reach your feet with your hands and hold it for about 5 breaths. Next, move your left arm towards until the hand is almost touching the floor. Hold for another 5 breaths before rotating towards the right and holding it for 5 breaths as well.


Half an hour of these fat-burning, heart-pumping routines is all you need and if you stick with them every day, you’re going to see results. It will be difficult, to begin with, so find a way to motivate yourself or talk a friend into being a pushy coach.



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